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Too often, those who work in the hospitality industry forget the importance of what our industry represents. Service. Service to hotel owners, investors, associates and to our guests. No doubt location, amenities and revenue management matter. But at its core, our industry relies on superior service and astute business practices for top-ranked hotel performance, long-term viability and cost-efficient operation. And that's what DAUM Commercial does best. 

At DAUM Commercial Hotel Group, we know hospitality, but that is just the beginning. With an emphasis on accountability, measurable results, diversity, communication and integrity, our highly-principled approach to hospitality brokerage is the cornerstone of our success. Our strong service foundation extends through every level of our organization, from sales associates to our seasoned leadership team.

DAUM Commercial is committed to diversity in all aspects of our business, as we value and respect the opportunity it brings. From our associates to the properties in our portfolio, we strive to maintain a high level of diversity as it continues to reinforce everything we have worked diligently to achieve.

DAUM Commercial hotel group primary focus is creating value for owners. Our corporate, regional and property leadership teams ensure hotels maximize resources and achieve optimum profitability. Our dynamic sales and revenue teams drive revenue through expert guidance, aggressive price management and direct local market sales. From back office solutions and information technology to employee services and hotel performance support, each department plays a vital role in our success. Our diverse geographical presence and track record of transitioning large portfolios sets us apart in the industry, and owner-ready information and operational integrity make DAUM Commercial a best-in-class company that consistently delivers exceptional results.

DAUM Commercial Hotel Group prides itself on its proven entrepreneurial approach to commercial real estate investment. Our proactive, integrated approach of continually assessing asset performance, market position, value, and capital structure allows us optimize returns with clear and concise goals.

Economic cycles challenge every business. Real estate and hotel development is particularly vulnerable, as it is fundamentally a long-term investment based on short-term facts. It is our corporate belief that successful developers must be uncompromising in their investment standards during growth periods and have the ability and courage to act upon opportunities during declining periods. They must also continuously strive to make sound long-term decisions, while maintaining the flexibility to diversify and adapt quickly to changes that may disrupt even the most well-orchestrated project.

DAUM Commercial Hotel Group continues to evolve with market movements, as we are always searching for hotel acquisition and development prospects. We seek to pursue and capitalize on opportunities that create long-term investor value and optimum returns, dedicated to investment standards that transcend all property types.

DAUM Commercial vision is to be the most-desired and highly-valued third party management company of premium brands, full and select service, in the United States. In addition, DAUM Commercial prefers to work with a small group of owners where a collaborative partnership exists that enhances value for both parties.

DAUM Commercial is driven by its core values of growth, ethics, accountability, leadership excellence, genuine care and impact. The company works hard to add value and not confuse activity with accomplishment. When taking over a hotel contract, DAUM Commercial wants to stabilize within six months, add value within 12 months and be at peak performance within 24 months. This does not happen without a strong plan and holding each other highly accountable.

Our progressive philosophy will provide owners the comfort and confidence they need during these highly competitive times. With daily access to the most resourceful operational systems and creative, modern sales teams, we bring proven strategies that will increase your hotels market share index levels.

DAUM Commercial is an innovative hotel management company offering a distinct contrast to the humdrum of large nationwide chains. Our current prime core locations, along with our distinctive style make our hotels a favorite among a wide spectrum of hotel guests. Through our partnerships with owners and investors, our hotel management company is dedicated to providing the best return on investment through development, strong management and superior service at each of our hotels. Our tenured management team provides accounting, sales and marketing, public relations, operational leadership and information technology services.

Our Approach Dedicated Asset Management and Property Stewardship - Asset Management is a cornerstone in our operations.

We are dedicated to managing assets in a manner that will optimize durable financial returns. We have the programs, systems and people in place to assure that all assets are maintained at the highest quality.

Our Hotel Asset Management Process

Our direct “hands on” experience in hotel operations, food and beverage, sales/revenue management, and finance enables us to evaluate marketing strategies, operating expenses, and debt structure to recommend courses of action for increasing both profits and asset value. As part of our hotel asset management program, we assist in hotel brand selection, choosing and monitoring management companies, negotiating management contracts and franchise agreements, and on total portfolio management, including acquisition and disposition of hotel properties. DAUM Commercial has experience in dealing with multiple brands and independent properties

Keeping assets like new means they last longer and work better. The result? We are able to maximize asset usefulness, bringing a higher return on asset investments.

The executive team at DAUM Commercial Lodging Management, Inc. has the background, experience and operational knowledge to ensure the successful opening of your hotel. Pre-opening services are custom created based on investor needs, but generally include:

  • Prepare pre-opening budget
  • Recruit, hire and train team members
  • Determine organizational structure
  • Policy and procedure manual
  • Employee job descriptions and handbook
  • Obtain required licenses, permits and insurance
  • Franchise compliance and utilization of services
  • Pre-opening sales and marketing
  • Prepare and execute Internet marketing plan
  • Establish pricing structures
  • Technical systems and system training
  • Establish vendor partnerships
  • Procure supplies and inventory
  • Financial services
DAUM Commercial will ensure upon opening that all hotel systems are operating as required and all departments are ready to deliver success.

In reality, no one marketing or sales program works for every hospitality provider or property, so we tailor our plan to each location, market and objectives. Our sales team excels at identifying key leisure and business customers, and mining leads and referrals to achieve the ideal balance of occupancy and rate. In addition, we focus on building long-term relationships with customers to encourage retention and loyalty. 

To reach the right clientele, we use social media, email blasts, sales promotions, savvy business-to-business initiatives, as well as strategic cold calls. Proper follow-up is equally vital to evaluate guest satisfaction and the effectiveness of our sales and marketing efforts. We also regularly compare hotel performance rates against competitive sets which helps us identify opportunities for growth.

Hotel Sales & Marketing efforts at DAUM Commercial include:

• Development and implementation of a comprehensive Annual Plan
• Revenue strategy and optimization
• Sales training for independent as well as franchise integration
• Marketing targeting and guest history and data capture
• Cost-effective advertising, collateral materials, promotions, and public relations
• Ongoing direct sales action planning

Having the “correct business model” is the key foundation to a successful, well run property.  In many cases "the missing link" is an educated sales team that fails to perform the correct sales techniques on an accountable reporting system that consistently passes reviews and inspections. DAUM Commercial believes in putting out the fires before they happen.

DAUM Commercial provides high-quality procurement services designed specifically for your budget and timeline.

Our team of expert professionals deliver contract pricing by sourcing and purchasing directly from the industry's most qualified manufacturers. We work closely with you to ensure every project is a success. DAUM Commercial Procurement handles new construction, renovation, and capital expenditure purchases for its managed hotels, as well as outside clients in and out of the hospitality industry.

Comprehensive knowledge of hospitality management, finance, marketing and insurance makes our company uniquely qualified to handle the challenges of court-appointed receivership due to foreclosure, loan default or bankruptcy. Receivership demands insight and innovative solutions to preserve a property's value, operations and future. We are able to meet these goals in all areas of the receivership process including:

  • Securing, auditing and managing financial accounts
  • Managing operations during the transition with a goal to restore confidence
  • Implementing an effective sales program to stimulate growth and revenue
  • Identifying short- and long-term cost containment measures and operating efficiencies
  • Performing property inspections and initiating required maintenance
  • Verifying and/or providing property and liability insurance coverage
  • Restructuring advantageous vendor and supplier agreements
  • Providing up-to-date analyses and reports of prior and current financials
  • Evaluating skills and training needs of current staff, and hiring key personnel as needed

DAUM Commercial Group can provide you an experienced construction management team whether you are building an entirely new hotel or renovating an existing one. We can manage the entire project for you. Alternatively, should you only require management help with certain project components, our construction managers can work seamlessly with your internal staff, providing the needed resources and expertise to round out your project team. We also offer a full breadth of consulting services to advise you about your hotel construction or renovation project

DAUM Commercial Group offers a range of services, including:

  • Professional third-party hotel management services for owners seeking branded and unbranded operations, with a focus on luxury hotels
  • Strategic and financial partnerships with locally based owner-developers, allowing for the maximization of core competencies
  • Acquisition of hotels without existing management contracts in primary locations, offering upside opportunities for repositioning through advanced operational and design initiatives
  • Development and construction of traditional hotel and resort destinations, providing a brand and operational anchor
  • Seasoned global sales, marketing and e-commerce strategies
  • Professional asset management
  • Design support and technical services 

For more information, please contact our leadership team for the DAUM Commercial Hotel Group:

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